Option 2 - Single Listing
 Option 2 - Single Listing
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Upload a single listing for a period of 1 year. During that period, you will be able to LOGIN with your user name and password and make changes to your listing, add or change photos (up to 6 maximum), change text or prices or details. You may also delete the listing if appropriate. Please be sure to add a link to your video tour / virtual tour (see link field at bottom of input date page.)

To sign up for a Single Listing Membership, use the BACK button to go back to the Purchase screen, and then click the purple PURCHASE button for Single Listings Membership. The cost of the Single Listing Membership is $99 for one year.

Each listing you upload will have its own online address that you can link to from your website, your email signature, your Facebook page, or any other online advertising source. To get your link, once you've uploaded a listing, pull up the "listing detail" display. Your listing link address will be in the browser bar. Just copy and paste it wherever you want to have a link to your listing.

At the end of 1 year, you will receive an email notifiying you that your membership is about to expire. You may renew your membership for an additional 1 year.

You may also wish to sign up for a Page in our Rural Real Estate Specialist Database. The Page will give you space for photos and info about yourself and your service area, plus your listing will display at the bottom of the page. To add the Specialist Page to your membership purchase, simply click check the box for Rural Real Estate Specialist Page. The Specialist Page is a one time charge of $69

For additional questions, click the Help/HowTo link at the bottom of this webpage, or call 800-549-8800.

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