Lockeford Emporium
Property Type: Price: $1,250,000
Brief Description:
State: California Approx. +/- Acres: 0
City: Lockeford Bedrooms in Main Home: 0
County / Province: San Joaquin Features:
Country / Nation: United States Topography: Flat,
Zip Code: 95237 Date Listed on Site: 03/15/2024




Detailed Description:

Located at the heart of Lockeford, California, the Lockeford Historic Building, erected in 1883, stands as a cherished treasure within the community?a proud sentinel of the American West. Positioned amidst the picturesque landscapes, it occupies a unique space, straddling the realms of a burgeoning wine town, neighboring the renowned vineyards of Lodi, and a rugged cowboy enclave, bordered by the storied Clements rodeo grounds and the bustling Rancho Murieta event center. Its proximity to the historic Gold Country, including Angels Camp, adds to its allure, invoking echoes of California's rich past.

As one steps into the main floor of this venerable edifice, they are greeted by a palpable sense of history and charm. The majestic mahogany bar, once gracing the British Bankers Club, stands as a testament to an era of opulence and refinement, while exquisite Tiffany art adorns the walls, infusing the space with an air of timeless elegance. A rare antique piano sits proudly, its melodies echoing through the halls, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the ambiance of yesteryears. Versatile in its offerings, the main floor serves not only as a bar or restaurant but also as a coveted event space, ideal for hosting everything from rehearsal dinners to wedding receptions, drawing in a steady stream of patrons, with 26,000 cars passing by daily.

Ascending to the second story reveals a hidden gem?a meticulously staged AirBnB retreat, replete with modern amenities yet steeped in old-world charm. A fully equipped kitchen beckons culinary enthusiasts, while three bedrooms and two bathrooms offer a haven of comfort and relaxation. The cozy living room and sitting area provide an idyllic setting for unwinding after a day of exploration, offering panoramic views of Lockeford's quaint surroundings.

Descending into the basement, one is transported to a bygone era of clandestine indulgence and revelry. Constructed with post and beam architecture, the basement exudes an intimate ambiance, perfectly suited for a speakeasy experience. Here, guests can savor artisanal cocktails in a setting reminiscent of prohibition-era hideaways while live music fills the air, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled allure. Alternatively, the basement can be transformed into a recreational oasis, offering a sanctuary for leisure and entertainment amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In the Lockeford Historic Building, past and present converge harmoniously, weaving a tapestry of tradition, innovation, and community spirit. As it continues to stand as a beacon of heritage and hospitality, it remains an indispensable part of Lockeford's cultural landscape, embodying the enduring legacy of the American West.

Property Highlights:
- Historical Commercial Building
- Built in 1883
- Treasure in the Community
- A still-standing piece of the American West
- Located between the Lodi Wine area and Cowboy Country
- Near Oakdale, Clements rodeo grounds, and Rancho Murieta event center
- Also near Angels Camp and the Gold Country
- 26,000 cars drive by each day
Main Floor:
- Mahogany Bar from British Bankers Club in Menlo Park
- Tiffany Art Glass
- Rare antique piano
- Can be used as a Bar or Restaurant
- Also used as Event Space - Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding Reception
Second Story:
- Staged and used as Air BnB
- Modern Kitchen
- 3 Furnished Bedrooms
- 2 Full Bathrooms
- Living Room
- Sitting Room
- Post and Beam Construction
- Use as a speakeasy
- Intimate area for live music
- Use as a recreation area



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