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Click  SIGN UP to Put Listings Online
     •Select Option 1 for an Unlimited Listings Membership -- and click the purple PURCHASE button
Click CONTINUE on the left side under Purchase a Listing Memership
    •Enter your Contact Information. The red asterisks indicate required fields. 
    •Enter your Credit Card Billing Information. (This is the address where your credit card bills are mailed.) (Note: We take Visa and MC, debit or credit cardsNo AMEX, No Discover)
    •Create a User Name and Password (DO NOT use spacesDO NOT use caps, DO NOT use characters, like @ # -  ' /  @ etc. in the user name or password )
 • Click Confirm, Continue and see confirmation of purchase. Then you can start adding your listings. Or login later and add them at your convenience. 

                                      That's all there is to it!!

(Note: Add the optional agent PROFILE PAGE in the Rural Real Estate Specialist Database for an additional $69 (more info...)

(Note: be sure to write down your User Name and Password for future use.)
                  Click Here to SIGN UP to Put Listings Online!


TO LOGIN to your account at any time, just click LOG/IN (for members) at the top right of the HOME PAGE

Advertising membership is purchased for a period of one year. During the year, you will be able to LOGIN with your user name and password to make changes to your listing(s), add more photos (up to 6 maximum), make changes to text or prices or details, and delete your listing(s) if appropriate.
You can purchase advertising for a single listing, or for an unlimited number of listings. If you choose the 'Unlimited Listings' option, you can LOGIN and add addidtional listings at any time during the one year membership period.
At the end of a one year time period, you will receive an emailing notifiying you that your membership is about to expire. You may then renew your membership for another year.

1.Login, then click the Purple “Add Listing” button. 

2. BE SURE to click the box at the top of the screen to certify that you have a right to advertise the property.
3. For best results, fill in ALL fields. These are search fields that visitors can use to search for property on
NOTE: The property address field (optional) is not a search field and will NOT display on your listing but it will set up a “See Map” link on your listing detail
4. The words in the "Title" field will appear in your listing link address. Make it succinct and relevant - 3 or 4 words. The city (town) will import into the property’s link address so you do not have to put that word in. Do NOT use the characters such as  #  or  ?  or @ or ‘  in your title.
(You will see your listing link address displayed in the browser once you upload your listing and view the detail.)
5. PHOTOS:  Be sure your photos are .jpg and no more than 5 MB. 

Avoid generic photo names like “front.jpg” This is because your membership will create one folder for all the photos in your membership. If you have more than one photo with the same name, this can create a mix up in the display.  
There is a field under each photo upload button for a photo title if desired.

6. Once you have input the listing information and photos, click the purple Upload button at the bottom of the page. Then click VIEW to see your listing detail display. The address in the browser bar will be your listing link address. You can link directly to your listing detail address anywhere - from your website, an email, or an ad. 
NOTE: If you spend more than 15 minutes or so adding a listing, we suggest you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the purple Upload button. This will save your work. Then you can use the Edit button to go back and finish your entry. (Otherwise, at some point, the page will time out and you could lose your work.)


If you need assistance contact our tech support staff at  Please put "tech support" in the subject line.


1. Be sure to write down your USER NAME & PASSWORD when you create it, and keep it handy for future reference.

2. To LOGIN go to and click  LOG/IN (for members) at the top right of the home page. This will take you to a login screen entitled 'Welcome, please sign in.' BOOKMARK THIS PAGE or ADD THIS PAGE TO YOUR FAVORITES!   That way, next time you want to login, you'll simply go straight to the LOGIN page in your Favorites list.

3. After you login, you will see a screen that displays 'Listings I currently have.' You will notice an EDIT button, a DEACTIVATE button, and a DELETE button. Use the EDIT button to make changes to you listing, to add photos, to adjust remarks or features. Use the DELETE button to completely remove the listing. Use the DEACTIVATE button if you want to take the listing out of the system, yet you think you may want to re-activate the listing at a future time.

4. Your membership will expire in one year. Just prior to expiration you will receive an email notice. You can renew simply by logging in and clicking on the RENEW button. If your membership expires, you can still log in to your account, but you will see that your listings show  'Expired' rather than 'Active.' Once you renew your membership, you can reactivate all your existing listings by simply clicking the ACTIVATE button for each listing.

5. Each listing you enter will have its own link address - can link directly to each listing detail display from your website, your email, or other online advertising sources. Click the purple VIEW button to see your listing detail display. The link address will be in the browser bar. Copy and paste wherever you want -- on your webpage, on your Facebook page, in an email...         

6. If you wish to purchase a PROFILE PAGE in the Rural Real Estate Specialist Database and you already have an Active Listings Membership, BE SURE that you LOG/IN first to your Listing Membership. Then choose the 3rd Purchase Option (may need to scroll down to see this one.) This way, all your active listings will display at the bottom of your profile page





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