Big Signal Wilderness Ranch
Property Type: Rural home on acreage, Land, Ranch, Recreational Property, Hunting Property, Price: $1,890,000
Brief Description:
State: California Approx. +/- Acres: 160
City: Potter Valley Bedrooms in Main Home: 3
County / Province: Mendocino Features: Barn,
Country / Nation: United States Topography: Rolling,
Zip Code: 95469 Date Listed on Site: 02/02/2023




Detailed Description:

Nestled in a high mountain plateau above the pristine Eel River Watershed is the headquarters of Mendocino?s Big Signal Wilderness Ranch. From the front door of the beautifully restored Farmhouse one can gaze northwest out over this awe-inspiring landscape with the realization that what lies in this vista is one of California?s most critical ecosystems. Turning one?s gaze to the northeast is Big Signal Peak itself which hovers over the Ranch enfolding the same into its protective fold. Lurking on the horizon is the over 11,000 acre remote and isolated Sanhedrin Wilderness and your playground. The Ranch is the true gateway to this jewel allowing unprecedented access to its inner sanctum that is nearly impossible for the general public to access.

The Ranch consists of 160 acres varying from oak strewn hills to thick timber stands to gentle and naturally irrigated high mountain pasture. There are numerous water attributes including a multitude of year round and seasonal creeks, two spring fed ponds and several springs. All these attributes lend themselves to creating natural sanctuary wherein wildlife abounds including Blacktail Deer, Black Bear, Wild Hog, Wild Turkey, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Blue Grouse, Mountain and Valley Quail, etc.. Furthering the perimeters of this sanctuary is the fact that the Ranch is surrounded on three sides by the Sanhedrin Wilderness Area and the fourth side by other Federal Land as well as some private holdings. Allowing the new owner access to tens of thousands acres that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to access.

The infrastructure of the Ranch has been improved upon and maintained by the current Owners. Good taste and function seems to be the prevailing theme. The tastefully restored Farmhouse is fitting and appropriate for its surroundings exuding a sense of nostalgia without the burdens of the same; the house is entirely self-sufficient with gravity fed spring water flowing through its pipes and solar power providing all its electrical demands. Across the field sits what must be one of the best restored pole barns in Northern California. Walking into its stately interior and looking up in wonder at this architectural masterpiece is reminiscent of walking into a grand cathedral.

The Ranch is at the end of a private year-round road behind a number of locked gates and there are no easements transversing the property. There are a series of seasonal interior road and trail networks on the property and many more that could be developed.

The Ranch is steeped in history. The Ranch originally was known as the Lierly Ranch and between 1884 to approximately 1925 was as a resort catering to the ?social set? from San Francisco. Aside from the main Farmhouse there were various cabins and tents where up to 75 guest could put up for extended stays to hunt, fish and to generally relax and enjoy the outdoors. The Lierly Resort was renowned for its musically inclined hosts and their hearty home cooked meals that were sourced entirely from the Ranch. The original farm to table. One can still see the remnants of the orchards, corrals and cultivated fields and imagine the vitality this place must have had in that era. There was another tale, though, that resonated for years. Apparently, sometime in the 1880s the infamous highwayman Black Bart stayed here undetected making a splashing appearance amongst the guest. It was not until weeks later when he was arrested after a series of brazen hold ups that his true identity was revealed to the aghast of the host and his cultured guests.

The next chapter of the Ranch is waiting to be written by the new steward of the land.

Property Highlights:

- 160 acres for $1,890,000
- Extremely Private - behind numerous Locked Gates at the End of a Private Road (1/2 hour from downtown Potter Valley)
- Seasonal Creeks, 2 Ponds, Numerous Springs
- Healthy stand of mature Douglas Fir
- Abundant Wildlife
- Backs up to tens of thousands of acres of Federal Wilderness Areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to the public
- Restored Farmhouse (1800 Sq Ft) Spring Fed and Solar Powered with upgraded Septic
- 10,000 Sq Ft Restored Pole Barn
- Metal Workshop and Solar and Irrigation Shed
- High Speed Internet via Satellite



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