Earth Currents
by Linda Boston Franke


In searching for the perfect place in the country. a prospective buyer will often find that one property or one area on a given property feels comfortable and inviting, while another feels uninviting and formidable -- but for no apparent reason. Such feelings could be based simply on an individual's aesthetics, preferences, and whims, but they could also be based on scientifically verifiable energy differentials that are characteristic of the earth itself.

The concept that the body of the earth is criss-crossed with lines of invisible energies goes back to antiquity. The attempt to construct monuments or other edifices at precisely calculated locations, and with distinct alignment and orientation to other structures, is characteristic in the ruins of the ancient Egyptians, the Celtic Druids (or perhaps their predecessors) of Great Britain, the Incas of the Andes, the Maya and various other Native American cultures.

In Great Britain in 1921, a local businessman named Alfred Watkins discovered that many of Britain's ancient monument sites align in straight lines, or a series of interconnecting lines. Since then, the theory has expanded; it describes meridians of energy, or ley lines, that run throughout the entire earth. Much as the Chinese medical model used in the practice of acupuncture denotes meridians of energy moving through the human body and intersecting at key points, theory holds that the ley lines of the earth likewise intersect at critical places. These intersections, often called power centers, are marked in some places by ancient monuments, megalithic tombs, stone circles, and standing stones. Postulations are that the monuments did not merely mark the ley line but somehow also tapped into this energy source.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is used to determine the most harmonious location and orientation for home-sites, landscaping, and features of the interior of the home. The aim is to locate a site where the energies and Chi of the land and sky are brought into perfect balance to assure good fortune. Feng Shui is several thousand years old, yet the practice is so popular in the United States today that some of our most sophisticated home buyers would not dream of making a home purchase without first consulting a Feng Shui practitioner.

The science of Feng Shui, literally "wind and water," recognizes that certain powerful currents and lines of magnetism run invisibly through the landscape over the whole surface of the earth. These lines of magnetic force are known in China as the dragon current, or lung-mei. It is claimed that such energy lines can be detected, and traced, through dowsing.

Dowsing refers to techniques for finding water or other things by using a Y-shaped forked stick or rod. Although the technique may date to the beginning of human civilization, it is still practiced today, and it is used commercially by many water well-drillers and contractors. Although dowsing is in fact a form of clairvoyance, it is a recognized and respected practice throughout rural America. Dowsers can be found in almost any given rural area in this country. Often the dowser is an "old timer," to whom the technique was passed through generations.

Is the concept of "earth energies" metaphysical, metaphorical, or scientifically quantifiable? --  a difficult question since, scientifically speaking, everything is energy and energy is in fact nothing, i.e. "no thing." Apparently, ultrasound detectors and Geiger counters do reveal energy differentials that could attest to the presence of earth currents. In Science Digest, October '82, an article called "Nature's Hidden Power Line," states the following: "An immense current of terrestrial electricity originating somewhere in the Pacific enters the North American continent along the Strait of Georgia and shoots past Tacoma toward Oregon."

Whether electromagnetic or etheric, a preponderance of evidence indicates the presence of varying forms of unseen energies moving through the earth. Possibly our minuscule capacity to perceive, recognize, and experience such energies holds keys for our life as it will be here on planet earth in this millennium. ¤

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