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Buyers seeking Arizona ranches and land for sale may be interested to know that Arizona has more National Parks and Momuments than any other southwestern state. Arizona is filled with alkali canyon formations, ghostly deserts, mountains, cactus, and endless scenic destinations, such as the red rock wilderness of Oak Creek Canyon that terminates in Sedona, the spider rocks of Canyon De Chelly National Monument, and perhaps most famous, the vast splendor of the Grand Canyon.

Arizona has a larger amount of land designated as Indian reservation than any other state in the country; resident tribes include Hopi, Navajo, and Apache, and there are also ruins from the ancient Anasazi civilization who lived in Arizona in the twelfth century. Earlier indigenous cultures could have lived in the region as early as 25,000 B.C.

As a sun-belt state, Arizona is a popular winter resort and retirement destination, but Arizona also has elevated regions where the seasons are extreme. The Sonoran Desert in Southwest Arizona, which extends into California and Mexico, is hot and arid but has a highly diverse range of wildlife. Arizona ranches for sale, particularly cattle ranches, Arizona land for sale, Arizona horse properties, and rural homes on acreage can be found in the outskirts of metropolitan areas and in small town communities throughout Arizona. And, thanks to major irrigation projects sponsored by the state, Arizona farms for sale can be found in many areas of the state. Arizona’s warm climate is suitable for many vegetables, but cattle and dairy goods are Arizona’s most valuable farm products.

Manufacturing is the leading economic activity in Arizona with high tech industries leading the way. Arizona has abundant mineral resources and leads the nation in copper production. The year 2000 census showed Arizona to be the fastest growing state in the nation.

Route 66, a highway that once extended from Los Angeles to Chicago, and which has been the source for songs, films, and legends since it was first built in the 1920’s, cuts through Arizona, and although the route was replaced by Interstate 40 in the 1960’s, still a section of it is preserved from Topock on the Colorado River to Kingman to Ash Fork east of Seligman, and another part of it runs through Williams.

Rural real estate for sale in Arizona includes ranches, farms, rural homes, and horse property. Many large equestrian facilities enjoy the year-round sunshine that Arizona provides. Arizona horse properties for sale offer a wide range of selections. Some Arizona ranches for sale can function as dude ranches. Many offerings of Arizona land for sale can be subdivided into smaller parcels. Arizona has long been one of the most popular retirement states in the nation, which is reflected in the remarkable population growth that has occurred in the last few decades.

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