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Buyers who search for Wyoming ranches for sale are perhaps inspired by a collection of visual images that have come to us courtesy of Hollywood ~ images of vast open spaces, covered with grazing herds of cattle, and framed by the grandest snow-capped mountains -- these are the images of Wyoming ranches, and these images epitomize Wyoming, a state that has served as the backdrop for many a feature film.
Wyoming ranches for sale can be found in communities with names like Cheyenne, Cody, and Buffalo, Wyoming is right out of the "old west" and carries an untarnished link to earlier days when the annihilation of the buffalo (Bison is the state mammal) )left the range land available, and the railroad brought in a means to market.. This attracted catle ranchers, and sheep ranchers, to settle in Wyoming, and today, cattle ranching remains a mainstay of Wyoming's economy.  
However cattle ranching is secondary to the state's number one industry, which is tourism. Attracted by unspoiled beauty, tourists flock to the state's national parks like the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. Over 50% of Wyoming's land is federal land. Tourists are also drawn to visit the Wyoming ranches that are functioning as "dude ranches."
Over 100 of Wyoming ranches are "dude ranches,"and there is even an association of dude ranches in Wyoming. Here city slickers have the opportunity to experience real cattle drives, roundups, and a full range of horseback riding opportunities. Wyoming ranches offer the entire world the opportunity to touch into the heart of ranching, and to get a glimpse into the great history that is foundational to the American West.
Wyoming ranches for sale, land for sale, and rural property sales are often made in order to acquire property for recreational purposes or just to experience the wilderness. Demand for real estate in Wyoming continues to increases, as buyers become aware of the wonderful lifestyle available in Wyoming - majestic beauty, small town values, a strong state economy, population of only 493,782 from 2000 census, and no state income tax!




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