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Buyers seeking Oklahoma ranches and land for sale may be pleased to learn that Oklahoma does not have the same restrictive building and development guidelines that some of the other ranching states have. In certain situations, splitting off a parcel of land from a larger parcel in Oklahoma can involve little more than a property survey.

Oklahoma is a state that is rich with the traditions of the west, the heritage of the American Indian, and the cowboy culture. Oklahoma horse and cattle ranches have been a prominent feature for well over a century. Famous cowboys, such as Bill Pickett, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, and the beloved humorist Will Rogers all hail from Oklahoma. Will Rogers was born on an Oklahoma ranch in the Cherokee Nation. One of the most popular of all wild west shows originated in Oklahoma in the early 1900’s on the famous Miller Brothers’ 101 Ranch near Ponca City. The National Cowboy Hall of Fame is located in Oklahoma City, the state’s capitol – a Mecca of traditional art and sculpture depicting the great American West, and the cowboy as an American icon.

Ranches in Oklahoma first began to prosper after the Civil War when Oklahoma became part of the booming cattle industry. Texas ranchers began to drive their cattle to markets, the closest being Kansas, and that created numbers of cattle trails that cut right through Oklahoma, where they began to discover the rich open grassland and prairie lands of Oklahoma. Working ranches in Oklahoma continue to thrive now into the 21st Century.

Oil was discovered in Oklahoma in the late 1800’s, which caused population growth to expand. Oklahoma then became the 46th state in 1907. Production of oil and natural gas continue to be a major income product for the state. Oklahoma is the country’s third largest natural gas-producing state, and there is even an oil well operating on the state capitol grounds.

Oklahoma has the largest American Indian population of any state, with descendents from as many as 67 original tribes. The name Oklahoma comes from Choctaw Indian words that mean red people.

Oklahoma ranches and land for sale can be found throughout the entire state. Much of Oklahoma’s terrain is well suited to agriculture and cattle ranching, with open, flat to rolling topography. The highest point in the state is Black Mesa in Cimarron County at 4,973 feet. Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state, with over one million surface acres of water. There are numerous small rivers, streams and springs throughout Oklahoma. Two primary river systems drain the state – the Arkansas River that flows through the northeastern part of the state, and the Red River that forms the boundary with Texas.

Oklahoma ranches and land produce a good percentage of the nation’s commodities with both wheat production and cattle ranking fourth in the nation. The state ranks fifth in the production of pecans, and pecan trees are plentiful throughout the state.

Buyers for Oklahoma ranches and land for sale will find that, generally speaking, the prices per acre are lower in Oklahoma than in some of the other ranching states in the West. There are excellent opportunities to find horse ranches for sale in Oklahoma, rural homes, farms, and all types of rural real estate.

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