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    The Monarch Butterfly - A Miracle of Milkweed and Migration
monarch butterfly
Published: Wednesday 01 June, 2016
   An Overview Of Wind Power
  by Linda Boston Franke
With the new administration in place, our nation is destined to embark on expanded efforts to develop alternative energy solutions using wind, solar, and geothermal resources. in the decade to come. Over the next 25 years, world wide use of renewable is expected to increase by over 400%, many times ...
Published: Monday 08 December, 2008
   Earth Currents
  by Linda Boston Franke
In searching for the perfect place in the country. a prospective buyer will often find that one property or one area on a given property feels comfortable and inviting, while another feels uninviting and formidable -- but for no apparent reason. Such feelings could be based simply on an individual's...
Published: Friday 07 December, 2007
   A New View To Planting Trees
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Sunday 13 May, 2007
   Monterey Pine ~ New Hope For The Future
  by Linda Boston Franke
At last, optimism looms for the future of California’s coastal signature tree - the Monterey Pine. In the last decade, this hearty pine tree species, which adorns west coast beaches, populates coastal mountain sides, accents commercial and residential neighborhoods, and flourishes in Christmas tre...
Published: Thursday 09 December, 2004
   Weather Report
  by Linda Boston Franke
In the ’50’s when I was a child, the big event of the day was Daddy coming home from work. As soon as he got home he would promptly turn on the television to get the weather report. We lived in a small town in West Texas where the weather had a real impact on the farmers,
Published: Friday 19 March, 2004
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