Creating a Country Home
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   A Piece Of Land To Call Your Own
  by Linda Boston Franke
Buying a piece of land in rural America can be the fulfillment of a life long dream. The acquisition experience can be quite different from that of buying a home in an urban setting. Here are a few of the features that are unique to the experience of purchasing rural real estate:
Published: Tuesday 02 December, 2008
    A GLOSSARY of Terms ~ for Rural Real Estate Ownership
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Monday 01 December, 2008
   How's Your Water, Partner?
  by Jim Karnstedt
You have just purchased you ranch or country villa and your neighbor asks, "How's your water?" You pause, and begin to think about your well, the lake, or your bubbling stream that serves that basic hydration need for your family, the animals, and your garden. Living in the country has its own set o...
Published: Wednesday 01 December, 2004
   Log Home Luxury ~ Quintessential Country Living
  by Editorial Staff
As American history's most fundamental architectural expression, nothing says "country" more completely than a warm, welcoming, well-designed modern-day log home. Early renditions of log homes held the status of "cabin."
Published: Friday 12 November, 2004
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