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Ranch & Country Blog Notes are posted periodically and also occasionally published in Ranch & Country Magazine. Our Blog Notes typically related to global economic trends, ecological issues, and the value of rural living and the rural lifestyle
Linda Boston Franke publishes articles on rural real estate, country living and the rural lifestyle. Linda Boston (Franke) is a California licensed real estate broker, doing business as Ranch & Country Real Estate Services in Santa Ynez, California. She works in partnership with her husband, Clark Franke Linda can be reached at LindaBoston@BostonFranke.com
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    2013-Dec: Bitcoin Mania
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Monday 02 December, 2013
    2013-Jan -What's With the Real Estate Boom in Farmland
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Friday 04 January, 2013
    2012-Dec: Debt or Go Away Closer - Take 2
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Monday 03 December, 2012
    2012-Aug: Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Wednesday 01 August, 2012
    2011-Dec: What Is Transparency Anyway?
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Saturday 31 December, 2011
    2010-Feb: Land - The Hardest of Hard Assets
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Friday 05 February, 2010
   An Overview Of Wind Power
  by Linda Boston Franke
With the new administration in place, our nation is destined to embark on expanded efforts to develop alternative energy solutions using wind, solar, and geothermal resources. in the decade to come. Over the next 25 years, world wide use of renewable is expected to increase by over 400%, many times ...
Published: Monday 08 December, 2008
   A Piece Of Land To Call Your Own
  by Linda Boston Franke
Buying a piece of land in rural America can be the fulfillment of a life long dream. The acquisition experience can be quite different from that of buying a home in an urban setting. Here are a few of the features that are unique to the experience of purchasing rural real estate:
Published: Tuesday 02 December, 2008
   Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs
  by Linda Boston Franke
The spring season brings out beautiful wild flowers, green grassy hillsides, budding trees, and – rattlesnakes, that ubiquitous reptile who hibernates for the winter and then takes the opportunity in springtime to at long last find a spot of warm sunshine, or better yet, to find a mate! Unfortun...
Published: Sunday 30 March, 2008
   Ranch & Country Businesses
  by Linda Boston Franke
As we enter into the economic uncertainties of the year 2009, and continue to experience the declining housing markets, we are compelled to acknowledge that land itself is in fact a commodity, and that, just as gold and oil have value because of potential scarcity, land itself also has an intrinsic ...
Published: Monday 17 March, 2008
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