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   Ranch & Country Businesses
  by Linda Boston Franke
As we enter into the economic uncertainties of the year 2009, and continue to experience the declining housing markets, we are compelled to acknowledge that land itself is in fact a commodity, and that, just as gold and oil have value because of potential scarcity, land itself also has an intrinsic ...
Published: Monday 17 March, 2008
   Lavender Hues
  by Linda Boston Franke
Having grown up in a small town in Texas populated almost exclusively by farmers and ranchers, I know the challenges and hardships that farmers can sometimes face. Consequently, I'm intrigued when I learn of anything that portrays the romance in farming. In California and the
Published: Friday 08 December, 2006
   Farming Olive Trees
  by Linda Boston Franke
In recent years, the price of rural land in the western United States has skyrocketed, fueled by demand. This demand is more often a demand for "lifestyle" than for engagement in agricultural endeavors. However, as more urban dwellers move to rural locations and seek to own property with acreage
Published: Monday 23 October, 2006
   The Enchanting Alpaca
  by Joan Speirs & Penny Maines
For thousands of years, the elegant and beautiful alpaca has roamed the high Andean mountains and plateaus of South America where, it’s said, they live closer to heaven than any other creature. Today, these gentle animals can be found peacefully grazing on ranches and farms all across America
Published: Friday 07 January, 2005
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