Horses ~ Their Stories
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   HERD LIFE ~ It's Nature's Way
  by Linda Boston Franke
Published: Monday 11 June, 2007
   A Cowboy Conscience
  by Dan Hess
Published: Wednesday 09 March, 2005
   The Story of Scimitar ~ Heart of a Horse
  by Bette Lamore
Nothing could have prepared us for the challenge that would dominate our lives for the next year. It began as a simple phone call on a lazy Sunday morning from a friend. Unconcerned upon first spotting our client’s horse lying down in pasture,
Published: Saturday 06 November, 2004
   Return To Freedom ~ American Wild Horse Sanctuary
  by Editorial Staff
Return to Freedom, an American Wild Horse sanctuary presently located in Santa Barbara County, California, is unique in its wild horse rescue efforts because of a strong commitment, in fact a mandate, to keep bonded, natural herd groups together in sanctuary just as they were found in the wild.
Published: Friday 05 November, 2004
   Backcountry Horsemen
  by Linda Boston Franke
Any horseman who has had the opportunity to enjoy the backcountry a-horseback will appreciate an organization dedicated to insuring that the public lands of America’s backcountry wilderness remain open to recreational stock use.
Published: Tuesday 01 June, 2004
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