The "West"-Legends, Mystique
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   Return To Lonesome Dove
  by Janis Turk
The dying wish of Texas Ranger Augustus McCrae in Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove was to have his body brought back to Texas for its final rest. We don't know if Gus ever got to heaven, but he made it back to Lonesome Dove.
Published: Friday 22 February, 2008
   Cowboy Poetry ~ An American Heritage
  by Linda Boston Franke
Cowboy Poetry, now recognized as a full-fledged genre of American entertainment, has virtually soared in popularity during the past decade. Books, tapes and CDs are readily available in retail outlets everywhere. Cowboy Poetry festivals and gatherings attract thousands
Published: Tuesday 21 December, 2004
   Where The Buffalo Roam
  by Michael Dodson
At one time, an estimated 30 to 75 million buffalo roamed over about one third of North America. The term Buffalo is a misnomer; the official name for the breed is the "American Bison." The true buffalo is a native of Africa and Asia,
Published: Thursday 09 December, 2004
   Out Where The West Begins
  by Arthur Chapman
Published: Friday 09 January, 2004
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